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It’s been Drew’s observation that many people are too busy living life on a daily basis to take on the seemingly complex task of planning for the future. And that’s just fine where Drew is concerned. Not one to take anything in life for granted, Drew believes there’s more to living than simply working. In fact, the freedom to escape to the great outdoors for a little fishing or a round of golf is among the many passions that motivate Drew.

“Golf and fishing are two of my favorite ways to stay in touch with Central Kansas’ down-to-earth environment,” Drew states.

Kansas Ties Run Deep

A native of Kansas, Drew graduated from Emporia State University with a B.S. in business. He remained in his home state when it was time to embark on his career, based on his love of nature and a deep respect for the hardworking people in the area.

“Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work”

As a financial consultant, Drew soon discovered he wanted the freedom that came from working with an independent firm – the freedom to make tailored recommendations with the individual in mind, instead of being bound to limited plan offerings from any single company in the investment arena.

“I choose to work in a place that allows me the freedom to make recommendations I feel will truly work to address my client’s needs,” Drew says. “Many of my clients are union members who have worked long and hard to prepare a confident retirement for themselves and their families,” he says. “These folks deserve nothing less than professional, objective financial guidance.”

Drew delivers by thoroughly explaining financial matters to his clients, making sure they understand the benefits and ramifications of all options. As a result, he is well known among Wichita-area union members for setting the strategy wheels in motion. The objective: to work towards this group’s unique retirement and estate planning goals, freeing them so they can enjoy life instead of simply working to survive life.

It’s Never Too Soon to Plan for Tomorrow

Nothing makes Drew happier than helping clients set a path for an independent lifestyle during retirement. His strengths lie in retirement and estate planning. He specializes in analyzing current plans and showing clients the areas in which they can potentially improve their investments.

When he’s not working, golfing or fishing, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife Kristi in her greenhouse—nurturing growth of another kind.



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