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Authentic, Transparent, Enthusiastic, Resourceful, and Loyal

I was once asked to describe my life in 5 words or less so with limited time I came up with Authentic, Transparent, Enthusiastic, Resourceful, and Loyal. As an established advisor those characteristics have guided my professional life as well as shaped my personal life as a husband, father, and mentor.

I believe the first step on the path to getting where you want to go starts with an honest conversation and once we determine the right direction together, I’ll help you stay the course through regular portfolio reviews and accessibility on YOUR schedule. Client relationships are the foundation of my practice and I hope to earn your trust and the role of your advisor for not just years, but generations to come. Financial planning doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to do it alone, I am here to support you. I realize that this business can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming, therefore I want to reduce client stress by joking that “I’m closer to Main Street than Wall Street”. Our firm doesn’t strive to be someone else, we just want to be the best version of us!

I believe every journey is unique and so are your financial needs, so I listen to your goals and help develop tailored plans and objective recommendations. Being an independent financial advisor offers me the flexibility to adjust client strategies to accommodate changes in lifestyle, family, and career. So no top down corporate directives, canned solutions, or cookie cutter strategies! We manage your finances so they don’t manage you, and that equates to financial confidence. Our purpose is to identify and create plans that will simplify our client’s lives and empower them with options and confidence.

I love spending time outdoors including hunting, coaching youth teams, golf, Spring Training and OU Football. Volunteerism is an important to my wife Tammy and I as we have both served on multiple committees and non-profit groups serving their community.



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