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Replacing Questions with Answers

Mike believes that planning for your future doesn’t have to be complicated. As an LPL financial consultant, he thoroughly educates his clients, empowering them to make informed decisions to help build their financial confidence.

Mike is a tried-and-true optimist who believes in living life to the fullest. As an LPL financial consultant, Mike is committed to helping clients create retirement and estate plans that fit their families’ needs. He strives to make the process of planning as simple as possible, while instilling a sense of confidence in the future.

“I know that money is typically a source of stress and worry. I try to eliminate those worries and concerns,” Mike says. “I want my clients to feel confident with their strategies. I want them to feel prepared for the future so they can enjoy each day to the fullest.” By providing accessibility and building relationships with his clients, Mike goes to great lengths to design a plan with each individual’s situation in mind.

Providing Confidence through Strategies

Mike treats his clients’ objectives as if they were his own, building long-term relationships and working tirelessly to help his clients establish a solid foundation for the future. As a father and husband, he knows that financial planning impacts the whole family. He prides himself on remaining accessible, and he constantly reviews and updates the strategies and recommendations he provides.

“I have built my reputation on my seasoned experience and the ability to serve my clients’ needs,” Mike says. “I like people to feel at ease. And nothing manages the anxiety and pressure people feel more than the knowledge that there is an effective plan in place.

Before entering financial services, this Fort Hays State University graduate worked as a psychologist and an educator. He has a strong faith in God, and is known as a friendly and open communicator. Mike, his wife, Chris, and their daughters, Rachel and Rene, enjoy family bike rides throughout their neighborhood. Mike has also played tennis for much of his life, and remains active in local leagues.