About Spencer, Wernli & Wilson Advisors

Our Independence is Your Advantage

Spencer, Wernli & Wilson Advisors is a fully independent, partner-owned and operated financial services firm. Our independent structure is designed to help eliminate the distractions often encountered by advisors operating in large corporate-owned firms.

For our investment advisory clients, our business model and approach allow us to act like fiduciaries, which means our clients best interests should always come first.

  • We provide objective financial guidance and strategies.
  • We answer directly to you—our client, not to a corporate parent or to stockholders. And since we’re not product manufacturers or distributors, we’re able to maintain objectivity throughout the planning and investment process.
  • Our independence enables us to provide you with objective financial guidance tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.
  • We believe it’s in your best interest to manage your assets, and with full access to objective research.

Strategic Partnerships

The advisors of Spencer., Wernli & Wilson Advisors have formed affiliations with the following organizations to assist us in meeting a growing need among individuals, families and business owners seeking competent and objective guidance across every aspect of their financial lives.

LPL Financial 
Our association with LPL Financial provides access to a broad range of financial products, services and objective research to assist our clients in developing effective strategies across a full spectrum of financial needs.


“Our constant pursuit of excellence offers
our clients the comfort of custom and
balanced life strategies.”

Value Proposition:

“Our independence offers objective strategies
through a sincere and educational experience that will help our clients pursue their financial purpose.”


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